Welcome to Our House Publications

Formed in 2016 in Denver, Colorado, Our House Publications is owned and operated by Rich and Lisa Reinicke. You’ve heard the saying “what’s in a name?” Our House felt appropriate because all the stories come from our house to yours. In all the stories we want to “invite” you into our home. Sit down, relax, take the time to open a book across your lap, hug your child, and feel like you are in our home enjoying a story that you can engage in together.

Our first book, Arnold the Cute Little Pig with Personality is about our pet pig named Arnold. He was full of personality and everyone loved him especially as he sang little “oink” songs. He had one major problem, he loved to eat and everyone loved to feed him. He learned that veggies and exercise was good for him and that an occasional cookie was a real treat.

“David’s Christmas Wish” is about a little boy that didn’t wish for one single toy for Christmas but instead his wish for a fish is compromised when a blizzard hits on Christmas Day. Will Mom and Dad be able to replace the little fish?

More on the Way

“Wings and Feet”, our third book to be released in April, is a poem about a wonderful friendship between a butterfly and a little boy who find that their differences don’t need to keep them from becoming best friends.